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Department Governing Bodies

Department Council
The Council coordinates, directs, plans and verifies the scientific and didactic activity of the Department and assumes the skills required by law, the Statute and the University regulations. It deliberates on all matters of interest to the Department and, in particular, on all matters relating to the didactic organization of study courses.
It includes all tenured professors (full and associated) of the Department, all researchers, representatives of students, doctoral students, post-docs or similar figures and technical-administrative staff.

Department Board (academic three-year period 2021-2024)
Prof. Marco Racchi - Director, Full Professor
Prof. Maria Cristina Bonferoni - Deputy Director, Full Professor
Prof. Bice Conti - member, Full Professor
Prof. Simona Collina - President of the Didactic Council LM-13, Full Professor
Prof. Enrica Calleri - member, Associate Professor
Prof. Cristina Lanni - member, Associate Professor
Dr. Mayra Paolillo - member, Assistant Professor

Quality, Research and Third Mission Commission
The Research Commission absorbs the sub-commissions dedicated to VQR and technology transfer. The activities planned for the Third University Mission are: Research enhancement, social commitment, training with companies and placement, continuous or permanent training.

Silvia Rossi - President, Full Professor
Marco Racchi - Director of DSF, Full Professor
Cristina Bonferoni - Delegate AQ, Full Professor
Simona Collina, Full Professor
Alessia Pascale, Full Professor
Enrica Calleri, Associate Professor
Rossella Dorati, Associate Professor
Cristina Lanni, Associate Professor
Ida Genta, Associate Professor
Raffaella Colombo, Assistant Professor
Pasquale Linciano, Assistant Professor

Alice Pedrali - Consultant

Joint Commission (three-year academic year 2021-2024)
It is made up of 3 teachers and 3 students. The professors are appointed by the Department Council, in order to guarantee the representativeness of each degree class. Students are nominated by the students representing the Department Council from among the students enrolled in the degree programs belonging to the Department.

Prof. Gabriella Massolini - Full Professor
Prof. Milena Lillina Sorrenti - Associate Professor
Prof. Stefania Preda - Assistant Professor
Ms Rabea Melissa Benyahia - STUD
Mrs. Lucia Rimoldi - STUD
Mrs. Nelly Caminati - STUD

The Commission generally meets every first week of the month except August and September.

Department Subcommittees

COR - Prof. B.Conti (Delegate of the Department within the COR), proff. Annalisa Barbieri (contact person for extracurricular internships), Erica Buoso, Raffaella Colombo, Cristina Lanni, Adele Papetti, Giuseppe Tripodo and Daniela Ubiali.

Erasmus - Prof. Giuseppina Sandri (ERASMUS Delegate of the Department), proff. Stefano Govoni, Giovanni Ricevuti, Daniela Rossi, Giuseppe Tripodo.

Hours - Proff. Milena Sorrenti, Marialaura Amadio, Adele Papetti and by Mr. Stefano Cellè.

Transfers - Profs. Annalisa Barbieri, Bice Conti, Francesco Bracco, Sergio Masetto, Chiara Milanese, Paola Perugini, Caterina Temporini, Daniela Ubiali, Teodora Bavaro, Laura Catenacci, Marcello Di Giacomo, Sara Perteghella, Stefania Preda, Sara Tengattini.

Representations of the Department within the Scientific Committees of the University's Centers and Services:

MADE Center - Prof. Franca Ferrari, Prof. Ida Genta
CHT Center - Prof. Bice Conti, Prof. Ida Genta
Head of the University Quality Department - Prof. Cristina Bonferoni
Technical Scientific Park Referent - Prof.ssa Ida Genta
Part-time student contact person - Prof.ssa Caterina Temporini
Representative of the University Language Center - Prof. Ersilia De Lorenzi -
CGS Representative - Prof. Caterina Temporini
Representative of CICOPS and Knowledge Cooperation Fund - Prof. Giuseppe Tripodo
Representative in the Center "Gender Studies" and "Center for the History of the University of Pavia - CeSUP" - Prof. Alessia Pascale
Member of the Pharmaco-Therapeutic Commission ASL Pavia - Prof. Annalisa Barbieri