Starting from academic year 2023/24, the Department of Drug Sciences is introducing a master degree in Industrial Nanobiotechnologies for Pharmaceuticals (LM8 administrative class)

The educational goal of Industrial Nanobiotechnologies for Pharmaceuticals   master degree is to create highly specialized professionals able to satisfy the needs of research, manufacture and quality control in the area of nanotechnologies applied to industrial pharmaceutical biotechnology that merge into nanomedicine.  This interdisciplinary science combines knowledges in the physical, biological and pharmaceutical and medical areas with the goal of treating human pathologies at atomic and molecular levels by exploiting the peculiar nanomaterial properties.

The master degree is currently under evaluation by the Italian Ministry of University (MUR) and by the National Agency for University and Research Evaluation (ANVUR), and as soon as  approved it  will officially become part of the University's teaching offer.

Here below you can find the name and curricula of those professors that will teach the first year, and a odf file detailing the courses programs (Syllabus)