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Public Engagement

The Department of Drug Sciences at the University of Pavia ensures that its research does not remain confined within the laboratory walls but is communicated and disseminated to the non-academic public through the development of non-profit activities with cultural, educational, and societal growth value.

The Department of Drug Sciences is committed to spreading the most significant scientific discoveries or the most interesting activities across various media: newspapers and magazines, radio, newscasts and in-depth programs, as well as popular science websites, web TV, and social channels.

The Department of Drug Sciences organizes or participates in festivals, scientific cafes and aperitifs, in-person seminars and webinars, market exhibitions, concerts, performances, as well as interactive activities aimed at young or very young audiences.

The Department of Drug Sciences contributes to the production of television documentaries and educational videos of a scientific nature.

The Department of Drug Sciences actively involves the citizenry, making them an active part of research projects, also through the crowdfunding platform Universitiamo by UNIPV.