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Departmental Bodies

Department Council

The Council coordinates, directs, plans, and verifies the scientific and educational activities of the Department, assuming the responsibilities stipulated by laws, the University Statute, and regulations. It deliberates on all matters of Departmental interest, particularly concerning the educational organization of study programs. Members include all tenured professors (full and associate) of the Department, all researchers, representatives of student sand doctoral candidates, fellows or similar figures, and technical-administrative staff.

Department Executive Committee (academic triennium 2021-2024)

Assists the Director in the ordinary management of the Department. It is composed to reflect the roles and scientific areas of the Department's members.

Prof. Marco Racchi – Director, Full Professor
Prof. Maria Cristina Bonferoni – Vice Director, Full Professor
Prof. Bice Conti – member, Full Professor
Prof. Simona Collina – President of LM-13 Teaching Council, Full Professor
Prof. Enrica Calleri – member, Full Professor
Prof. Cristina Lanni – member, Associate Professor
Dr. Mayra Paolillo – member, Researcher