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Industrial Manufacture of Medicines

Macroarea: Pharmaceutical Technology

ERC SectorsLS7_3 Nanomedicine; LS6_13

Research Team

Lab Manager: Lauretta Maggi (PA)

Junior Staff: Valeria Friuli (Borsista)

Research Lines

1. Study, production, quality control and stability tests of immediate release and modified release pharmaceutical forms.

2. Innovative methods for increasing the dissolution rate of poorly soluble drugs or drugs with pH dependent solubility for oral administration.

3. Design and scale-up of pharmaceutical formulations mainly for the oral route.

4. In vitro evaluation of commercial medicines for human and veterinary use.

5. Application of electro-spinning to the formulation for pre-programmed drug release

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  • Zaltoprofen/4,40-Bipyridine: A Case Study to Demonstrate the Potential of Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) in the Pharmaceutical Field. Giovanna Bruni, Lauretta Maggi, Francesco Monteforte, Chiara Ferrara, Doretta Capsoni, Vittorio Berbenni, Chiara Milanese, Alessandro Girella, Valeria Friuli, Piercarlo Mustarelli, Amedeo Marini. J. Pharm Sci. (2021) .
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  • Gastroretentive gel formulations. G. Vergnault, U. Conte, L. Maggi. WO 2016/066256A1 May 6 2016


National collaborations

  • Prof. Giovanna Bruni
  • Prof. Doretta Capsoni
  • Prof. Marcella Bini Dip. di Chimica Università di Pavia
  • Prof. Dario Voinovich Università di Trieste
  • Prof. Francesco Castelli Università di Catania
  • Prof. Valter Travagli Università di Siena
  • Prof. Franco Pattarino e Lorena Segale Università del Piemonte Orientale
  • Dr. A. Canobbio SIGMAR italia Almè, BG.
  • Dr. R Novellini Giuliani, Milano.
  • Dr. F. Roversi Rofarma, Milano.


International collaborations

  • Dr. Stefano Salini, Dr. Alex Bolognini, Flarer Lugano, Skye Pharma Plc, Londra.
  • Prof. Nicolas Peppas, University of Texas at Austin.
  • Dr S. Palea, Palea Pharma & biutec consulting Toulose, FR.
Funded active projects
  • Study and evaluation of hybrid compounds to enhance the solubility of insoluble drugs.


Tablet press equipped with thirty different types of punches, tablet press equipped for compression force measurements, mixers, granulators, fluid bed, twin impinger, dissolution and disintegration tests, equipment for the intrinsic dissolution rate measurement, friabilometer, precision electronic test for the crushing strength. Texture analyzer. Climatic chamber